lmfao is an electro pop duo that formed in 2006 in los angeles america. the band is made up of rappers, dancers producers and djs. the two main people that made the band are
red foo also known as stefan kendal gordy which was born in september 3 1975. the other creator of the band is skyblu also known is skyler husten gordy the nephew of red foo. red foo and skyblu both grew up in los angeles and formed their group there. their first single was im in miami trick but the song that got them really well known was party rock anthem. the main songs that lmfao created are champagne showers, party rock anthem, im in miami trick, sexy and i know it and shotz. the artists they have worked with are david guetta, ron jeremy, kesha, snoop dog, fareast movement and lots more. from a young age the lmfao group wanted to make good night club music and succeded. lmfaos influences included the black eyed peas led zepplin and the beatles.
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