Joe Hahn

Joe Hahn was born on March 15, 1977, in Dallas (Texas), and is the DJ for Linkin Park
He began DJing in high school, where he met Mike Shinoda and joined the band Xero, which later became known as Linkin Park.
He has directed several of Linkin Park's music videos, including 'Numb', 'What I've Done', 'New Divide' and 'Bleed it Out', to name a few.

Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington was born on the 20th of march, 1976, in Pheonix (Arizona) and is a singer, songwriter and actor.
He is the lead vocalist in the band, as well as a songwriter.
After his parents split up in the late 1980s, he became a cocaine addict. However, he overcame this addiction.
He became part of a band called Grey Daze, but left it to find another band. He was unable to find another band, and almost quit his musical career, but got an audition to become part of Linkin Park. He was successful.

Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda was born on the 11th of February, 1977, in Los Angeles (California)
He is the rapper, main songwirter, keyboardist and rythm guitarist of the band.
He learned how to play piano in his early years, and the guitar and vocals.
He became interested with rap, and started to write and record songs with Brad Delson.
Mike, Brad and Rob Bourdon formed the band Xero, and began persuing their music careers.
After High school, he enrolled at the College to study illustration, where he met Joe Hahn and Dave Farrell, who joined Xero.

Dave Farrell

Dave Farrell was born on the 8th of February, 1977, in Plymouth (Massachusetts). He moved to California when he was 5.
He can play bass and electric guitar, cello and violin.
He shared a room with Brad Delson, and was part of a band called Tasty Snax at the time.
He went on tour with Tasty Snax, but left to become the bass guitarist on Linkin Park.
Dave's old band mate become the videographer of Linkin Park

Brad Delson

Brad Delson was born on the 1st of December, 1977, in Agoura California, and is the lead guitarist in Linkin Park.
Brad Delson, Mike Shinoda and Rob Bourbon (the drummer) formed the band, ‘Xero’, which was the stepping stone to Linkin Park.
Originally, Brad wanted to go to law school and become a lawyer, but once he started collaborating with the other members of the band, while they were in Xero, he decided to forego his previous dream and become a professional guitarist for the band.

Rob Bourbon

Rob Bourbon was born on January 20, 1979, in Calabasas, California, and is the drummer for Linkin Park.
Rob started to play drums after watching an Aerosmith concert, and because his mother was friends with Joey Kramer, the drummer for Aerosmith, they were allowed to go backstage to watch it. Later, Kramer gave Rob a kick pedal, which would have inspired Rob to play drums even more.
Rob and Brad collaborated in an early high school band called Relative Degree for about a year, but after achieving their goal of having a sell-out show, the band decided to break up.


Linkin park is an American rock band. It formed in California, when Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourbon and Brad Delson, three school friends, graduted and started to take their music career more seriously. At this point, the band was named Xero. Joe Huhn, Dave Farrell and Mark Wakefield were recruited into the band, and they began recording in Mike's makeshift studio (in his bedroom) in 1996.
However, they had very little success, and were unable to get a record deal. The increasing tension in the band made Wakefeild, the vocalist at the time, leave the band in search of other projects.
Farrell also left, and went on tour with a band called Tasty Snax.
To replace the members that had left, the band recruited Chester Bennington, who had been recommended to them. Because of his unique singing style, he stood out among other applicants.
The bands name was then changes to Hybrid Theory, and the band started working on entirely new content. Once again, the band decided to change its name, this time to Linkin Park.
Although they had made many changes to the band, they were still struggling to sign any deals. They recieved help from Jeff Blue, after they had been rejected many time from multiple record companies. Finally, after 3 attempts, they managed to sign a deal with Warner Bros. Records, with the help of Jeff Blue. They released Hybrid Theory, their first album, the following year.

Rise to Fame

The band rose to international fame with their debut album, Hybrid Theory, which obtained several multi-platinum records in many different countries. The album after Hybrid Theory, Meteora, continued the band’s success, getting 1st in the top 200 charts in 2003, and was followed by touring and charity work around the world. They also became ranked as the 19th Best Artists of the Decade chart from the Billboard 200 charts.
Linkin Park’s music genre was a combination of rap rock and alternative metal, as well as having influences and elements from hip-hop.

Linkin Park has also had some of their more popular songs integrated into certain movies, such as What I've Done, New Divide, and recently, Iridescent was shown in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The music videos for these were also very popular. The videos were directed by Joe Hahn.

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